Friday, January 15, 2010


When I was in grade school, my mom would pack my lunch each morning before I left the house. I would go through different phases during which I liked different snacks to accompany my sandwich, which would change as well depending on my preferred deli meat at the time. I remember one particular phase in which I really loved bologna and mustard. I can't remember the last time I had a bologna sandwich.

I've always loved to eat, and I've always been good at it. My grandparents used to be so proud of me whenever I ate a lot; it made me think that having the ability to stuff my face was some kind of legitimate talent.

I still go through periods when I crave different foods; my flavors of the week, if you will, but they don't last forever. That is, my cravings don't last for all kinds of food except for sushi. Sushi has remained the one food I think I could eat every day and never grow sick of it.

I started off with your basic California Roll; avocado, crabmeat, and cucumber. I always use Wasabi (I like spicy foods, and when it comes to those, Wasabi might take the cake) to add some kick and because it really clears your sinuses, and I always use soy sauce for added flavor. I know it's about as elementary as you can get with sushi, but California Roll is just a classic in my opinion.

When I began to broaden my horizons, I tried Unagi, which is freshwater eel. It has a very unique texture, as one might expect when biting into eel, but I'm always eager to try something new and Unagi turned out to be a nice complement to my sushi repertoire.

Those simple days were just the beginning. Now, I'm familiar with many kinds of fish, like the tuna rolls, white or regular, spicy or not, and Tempura, like the shrimp and crabmeat varieties. Salmon roll, yellowtail, octopus, and many others frequent my plate, all of which are prone to disappearance.

There's a restaurant in my town that serves all-you-can eat sushi. They used to offer it every Wednesday and Sunday, but since I've been sick they've made it available every day. The words "all-you-can eat" together with "sushi" are comparable to a song like Unchained Melody to me, for their beauty is timeless and I become very excited whenever I hear them.

Talking at this length about my love for sushi has made me somewhat self-conscious, but I would be lying if I were to claim that my mouth had not begun to water. My palate is now becoming adamant in its demand for it, and under normal circumstances I would readily satisfy its insistence. The only problem that stands in my way, and has for a while now, is that I'm not allowed to eat sushi! Cancer strikes again!


  1. thanks for the comment, it's good to know someone else is feeling the anxiety too! (even though i'm sorry you've got it!!)

    i LOVE sushi - unagi is fantastic, but what i would really, really recommend (if you haven't tried it) is white tuna - i only get it when it's a part of all-you-can-eat because its more expensive, but it's kind of buttery and the texture is really great. definitely my favorite.

    i wasn't allowed to eat sushi during my treatments (especially tuna) but as soon as i was allowed, i went out and ate SO MUCH. i finally branched out to plain sashimi as well, and now that's mostly what i get.

    good luck with the last few treatments! i love reading your blog - it's so well written


  2. Yeah, I remember THAT admonition from the doctor as soon as my counts went neutropoenic. It wasn't unexpected, but it was a loss for me, too. Especially since I found I had more apetite for foods with strong tastes to chase away the lingering chemo taste.

  3. gross that you ever ate bologna but great post since sushi is my favorite food and ill eat some extra just for you! xo - Mariel Ackerman.

  4. I call philadelphia roll --> jewish sushi!

    smoked salmon and cream cheese

    my favorite!

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  6. I too love sushi like I am a seal or Inuit who just has to eat raw fish all the time. I am super bummed that I can't have it now that I'm on chemo for breast cancer. However the trick is you can sort of satisfy the craving by getting only rolls with cooked fillings. I know that means settling for California rolls or shrimp tempura rolls. But at least it's something! I admit though the other night when my husband and I ordered take out from our fave cheap (but good) sushi place, I snuck a couple pieces of his raw rolls...and nothing happened. I shouldn't push my luck though, right?