Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ode to the Chills

Stop that, wouldn't you?
Funny, nobody's there
That was really me
Who made me feel that way?

But I didn't feel a draught,
And the windows are all closed
Pull the covers over my head
'Cause it's so damn cold

It comes all of a sudden
Up and down my spine
Like a xylophone
Played in ice cold chimes

Make my teeth chatter
Close tightly my eyes
Curl up in a ball
Hands clasped inside

I wish that it had been
Someone close behind
A soft and gentle touch
Send ripples through my mind

A hand upon my shoulder
A different place and time
Pull the covers closer
The only hands are mine

Settle under the sheets
To relaxation, I'll resign
Give myself to rest
Body, soul, and--

No, not again!
!@&% mother#$&*ing sonofa@%$& *##% @%^&!
Shivers, you know, it's fine
My body's own frozen stabbing from behind


  1. Nice poem man. Trying to figure out what dirty word @%^&! is that rhymes with behind. :)

  2. Thanks Andy.. I wasn't exactly sure how those %&*^ things work for curse words, so I just gave it a shot. Do you really think McGwire would have been just as good without 'roids?

  3. P.S. KelsiK, I really want to know what your comment says, but unfortunately I don't speak that language...